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Professional export counseling

We are an export company with our main office based in Copenhagen, Denmark and a branch in Tehran, Iran.

We approach export assignments by, among other things, helping Danish companies to start up and develop their business connections and possibilities for export to the Middle East through our year’s long experiences of introducing and networking with professional investors and distributors in many different fields.

If you and your company have a wish to expand your business through export of products and commodities, but has not found your way into the Asian or Middle Eastern market yet, then contact us through our contact form so that we can find the best solutions for you and your company and together create new possibilities.


Marketing in Iran

An introduction of and networking between professional investors and distributors.

New and improved market relations in the Middle East.

Delegation Travels.


Export to the Middle East.

Professional Counseling.

An introduction of new products.


Business plan.




Minimizing risks through export.

Optimize your economic output.


Export Partners

We are connected to different Danish companies and export organizations.

We have a unique access to a big network of people and knowledge, which enable us to create the best solutions for your company and open up for completely new export opportunities in the international market.

Eksport rådgivning
Eksport rådgivning
Eksport rådgivning
Eksport rådgivning
Eksport rådgivning

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