Who is Eksport Service?

We are an export company with our main office based in Copenhagen, Denmark and a branch in Tehran, Iran. We have a great experience with importing and exporting a wide variety of products and commodities from both Denmark and Asia to the Middle East.

Our branch in Iran is a family-owned business which has exported to and from the Middle East for more than 80 years. We are big distributors in Tehran where we import products from Asia, which we sell within the whole of Iran.

In Tehran we import, among other things, sewing machines as well as everything for the home in the form of design and interior from China. This is sold in our stores in Tehran bazaar as well as within other shops located in the rest of Iran. Our branch in Iran is thus both importing and distributing our products from China.

Eksport Service is, therefore, not only a potential investor in your company. We also have a large network of investors from Iran, who are searching for Danish producers that they can work together with. These investors are interested in investing within four main sectors:

  • The food and pastry industry
  • Sustainable energy
  • Medical and health industry
  • Design, Interior

Eksport Service can facilitate a cooperation agreement of export of your company’s products to a booming Iranian market between your company and a potential investor.

Our employees consist of employees from both the Middle East and Denmark, who speak Danish, English and Farsi and who have a thorough knowledge, insight and understanding of the market for export and import in Denmark, Asia, and the Middle East.

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