Eksport Service offers Danish companies:

At Eksport Service, we offer professional counseling to companies that are considering expanding their businesses through export.

We focus on advocating and creating links between companies in the Middle East, Asia and Denmark. This means, that we through our work have put networking between international companies, international development and new market possibilities to the forefront of our company.

Do you want to expand your business into the international market, but is in doubt about how to find your way in? Do you want help to create good, solid contacts at the global market? Are you in need of counseling and advices in order for you to reach your goal of reaching new, international markets? Then Eksport Service is the right place to seek help.

Eksport Service provides:

  • Delegation Travels to the Middle East to introduce new market possibilities for Danish companies.
  • Develop business relations with the goal of exporting products and commodities to new markets in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Arrange customer meetings with new potential customers.
  • Introduce Danish products at new markets with the potential of establishing contacts and co-work with new agents, traders and distributors in the Middle East.
  • Introduce and establish network between professional investors and distributors in many different fields in Denmark, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Marketing and product promotion of Danish products in the Middle East through market analysis’ and an analysis of your company’s potential for export.
  • Create a plan of action for export to the Middle East and establishing your business internationally.
  • Create a timeframe and a budget.

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