Which market?


The new cooperation agreement from January 2016 between Iran and the rest of the international society centered on the Iranian program of nuclear means that the majority of the sanctions implemented against Iran by the EU, USA and FN have been lifted.

This opens up the doors for the booming Iranian market that has a great export potential.  

So why not try Iran?

The country of opportunities

Iran is located in the Middle East, neighboring countries such as Turkey and Pakistan, where it is a center for economy, culture and diversity. The country is with its 1.648.000 square kilometers and 80.000 inhabitants a booming country with great opportunities of import and export.

Iran has a solid economic base. With the lift of the majority of the sanctions, import and export to and from the Iranian market is expected to rise. This is especially fruitful for Danish companies as Danish products are in demand among the Iranian consumers. 

Danish products are very popular in Iran. Products within the food industry such as Danish dairy products or basic food ingredients and processed food are in demand. The technology sector is also increasing with sustainable energy being in the center of attention of the Iranian government who has put green energy to the forefront as the use of electricity is estimated to increase by 10 percent in the coming five years. Other sectors such as the health sector are moreover booming as it is a major priority for the Iranian government as well as the Iranian consumers. The possibilities of export are, therefore, many.

Why Iran?

  • Danish products have a very good reputation in Iran.
  • Iran asks for Danish technology and products.
  • Iran is a rich country with new opportunities.
  • As the sanctions have been lifted, new opportunities for export have arisen.

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