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Historical Research

In this project, I try to highlight the unique potential of Noble Street in London and make it into a landmark for people in London and all over the world. This design project is research based and takes the historical roman wall and all surrounding buildings in that area as its point of departure. Besides academic literature, interviews of people passing the area have been conducted to gain a deep understanding of why Londoners never found this historic street to be an attractive place. The aim of this design is to call the attention to the importance of constructing modern buildings so that they are in harmony with historical buildings. This is meant as a way to secure that the construction of the urban design highlights the importance of historical buildings, so that these are preserved for future generations.

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With the organic pavilion design, the aim of the project is to create transparency, a landmark for people, and a harmonious correspondence between modern and historical builings. The beauty of this solution lies in the clarity of the contrast between new and old design, and in the minimal intervention to historic fabric. The concept of this design is a combination of oyster shell, arc and hyperbolic paraboloid. Using glass as one of the main materials means that the design will create transparency towards the historical sight. The organic glass shape design of this project pay homage to the roman wall. Also, the opaque heavy qualities of the organic façade exaggerate the transparency of this design.

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Design project + Historical research
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